Victoria Station Gallery

In collaboration with Standard Practice (formally OH OK ltd.), I curated a series of exhibitions held in an empty unit within Manchester Victoria Station; aiming to make contemporary art more accessible and improve the connection between artwork and the public.

Exhibitions included a solo show by Alistair Woods from Depot Art Studio which spanned across onto Sadler’s Yard, and a collaborative exhibition from artists, photographers and illustrators who work at the Whitworth Art Gallery.
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Poster Paint (at the Old Bank Residency)

Poster Paint is a twelve-month artist-in-residence project attempting to provide graphic design within a contemporary painting studio. Poster Paint is one element of the Old Bank Residency: A twelve-month occupation of a disused bank, allowing a space for creative practices to experiment, collaborate and grow.
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Art in Whitefield

Whitefield is a town just North of Prestwich and 2 or 3 miles South of Bury. It is also where I live. Whitefield is home to about 20,000 people, lots of restaurants, a small but important cluster of the Irwell Sculpture Trail and an excellent purpose-built, volunteer-led theatre called the Whitefield Garrick. The Garrick easily sell out for every show they put on, but despite this, there are no other venues or facilities for art and culture in Whitefield, which led me to start the group Art in Whitefield, in an attempt to change this.

Art in Whitefield is a growing network of people from the local area who share a common belief that there should be more art and culture happenings in Whitefield. Not all of us identify as artists, but we are all passionate about the arts and their ability to bring people together to experience something new and make new connections.

Since forming in September 2018, we have held numerous sketchbook walks, mounted two exhibitions and launched a new contemporary art space on my empty driveway - The Driveway.

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The Driveway

In the absence of a car, my wife and I have decided to hand over our driveway for the exhibition of contemporary art, hoping to host a different artist each month.

A collaboration between Art in Whitefield and design studio Standard Practice, The Driveway is the only space in Whitefield that is dedicated to the display of contemporary art, with the aim of bringing exciting and challenging work for the residents of Whitefield to engage with.

The space was successfully launched on the 30th of January, with Standard Practice unveiling the infrastructure for the site – purpose-built, site-specific furniture that transforms the driveway into a contemporary art space. For the month of February
these objects perform as sculpture in their own right, before becoming the functional infrastructure that will sit alongside the changing roster of exhibitions.

Discover The Driveway at 6 Croftleigh Close, M457DL and follow @artinwhitefield to stay up to date with the latest artist announcements.

Discover The Driveway at 6 Croftleigh Close, M457DL and follow @artinwhitefield to stay up to date with the latest artist announcements.